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Our Best Garden Photos of 2015
November 4, 2015

I love gardening, and I also love taking pictures. Publishing Senior Gardening allows me to combine both avocations. Most of the photos below have appeared somewhere on Senior Gardening during the last year.

My favorite shot of the year turned out to be some red blooms that showed up on our Sugar Snap pea vines. Sugar Snaps bloom white, so something happened here. It may have just been a stray seed that got into the wrong seed packet from the seed vendor, an outgrowth of the Sugar Snap pea variety's open pollinated heritage, or even a sport, a true mutation of the variety.

Red Blossom on Sugar Snap Pea Vines

Clicking on an image will open a larger version of it in a new tab or window. Hovering your mouse over any image should display a description of the image.

All photos on this page are copyrighted, but may be used for desktop photos without permission or payment. All other use requires prior consent, massive royalty payments, your left pinkie finger...grin (Actually, I'm a pretty soft touch on non-commercial use of my photos, especially for educators. Just , please.)

Narrow raised bed planted to buckwheat Honeybee on buckwheat 1 Hummingbirds at feeder
Sunset - July 21, 2015 Violet of Sicily cauliflower Petunias and hummingbird outside kitchen window
Cranberry Tiger Gloxinia Lunar Eclipse - April 4, 2015 Tulips in bloom
Our Senior Garden - March 2, 2015 Buckwheat in bloom Cucumbers brining
Gloxinias coming into bloom Snapdragons in bloom Hummingbird by impatiens
Cucumber blossoms Hanging basket petunias More redish pea blossoms amongst Sugar Snap peas


I do turn the camera for some vertical shots sometimes.

Earliest Red Sweet Pepper Plant Sugar Snap pea blooms Earlirouge Tomatoes  
Japanese Long Pickling cucumber The best lettuce crop we've grown Flowers in bloom Hummingbird at feeder
Red pea blossom Granny Smith apple tree in full bloom Wandering Jew, petunias, and gloxinias in kitchen window

Some photos don't seem to downsize well for viewing, or maybe I just like seeing them big. Either way, I'll waste a bit of bandwidth here with a few shots in a larger format.

Pink Double Brocade Gloxinia

Hummingbirds at feeder

Gloxinias in bloom

We don't always have pretty blue skies over the Senior Garden, but since I can pick and choose, I decided to share blue sky photos of our raised garden beds in winter, late spring, and fall.

Our Senior Garden - February 27, 2015 Our Senior Garden - May 19, 2015 Our Senior Garden - October 10, 2015

I feel especially blessed to be able to share my favorite images of 2015. Having been on the operating table four times this year, I'm sorta lucky to still be around to enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Due to the skill and dedication of some wonderful medical professionals, I now have four stents keeping arteries in my heart open and a titanium and ceramic hip that may allow me to keep gardening for many more years.

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