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Our Best Garden Photos of 2016
November 7, 2016

I love gardening, and I also love taking pictures. Publishing Senior Gardening allows me to combine both avocations. Most of the photos below have appeared somewhere on Senior Gardening during the last year.

My favorite shot of the year turned out to be of a couple of Earliest Red Sweet peppers. It seemed that all of our peppers that ripened late in the season had far deeper colors than those we picked in July and August. The endangered Earliest Red Sweet variety continued to produce lots of beautiful, small red peppers well into November.

Earliest Red Sweet peppers

Clicking on an image will open a larger version of it in a new tab or window. Hovering your mouse over any image should display a description of the image.

All photos on this page are copyrighted, but may be used for desktop photos without permission or payment. All other use requires prior consent, massive royalty payments, your left pinkie finger...grin (Actually, I'm a pretty soft touch on non-commercial use of my photos, especially for educators. Just , please.)

Dill in bloom Alcosa savoy cabbage Pea blossom
Apple blossoms Baby apples New pump and herb bed
Green beans ready to pick Yellow squash Tractor planter with impatiens
Zinnia Melons for the Mission New potatoes and peas
Cut seedless watermelon Buckwheat in bloom Asparagus
Orbit geranium in bloom The daily scrum at the feeder Spring cauliflower
Granny Smith apples Clover Carrots dug for soup
Tightly planted onions, brassicas, and dill Bumper crop of butternut squash Dwarf basil


I do turn the camera for vertical shots sometimes.

Transplanting sage Eighty foot row of zinnias Spring carrots Fall carrot rows
Snapdragon Fall lettuce (& friends) Hello! Garlic braid
Plants getting an early start under plant lights Carpet Snowfire dianthus Fall peppers and tomatoes Geranium seed germinating


Gloxinias on dining room table

While certainly not a garden crop, we work with our gloxinias all year round.

Double Brocade gloxinia Gloxinia bud (ovary) maturing seed Gloxinias in bloom
Lots of gloxinias in bloom Purple and white gloxinia bloom Red blooms with many more coming on
Pink gloxinia Purple Double Brocade Gloxinia seed head

Gloxinias on sunroom shelf

Photo Gear

Canon T5i with 15-85mm lensI made what for me is a major change in photo equipment in 2016, buying a new Canon T5i camera body. While very similar to my previous main camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XSi, I have noticed some improvement in the quality of the photos I take. The new camera body completes a changeover from my original, good camera gear. I had equipped the XSi with a Canon EF-S 17-85mm zoom lens as my normal lens. After over 30,000 shots, the lens suffered an electronics failure. (It's now repaired and being used by one of our daughters.) I replaced the failed lens with Canon's newer version of it, an EF-S 15-85mm.

The Canon Digital Rebel (EOS) series really isn't part of Canon's professional camera lineup, but the cameras have proved to be good enough for my photo needs. I used the old XSi camera body with its normal lens to take the photo at right.

Following my usual money saving practice with both cameras and computers, I bought the T5i after Canon had released the T6 Digital Rebel series at a considerable cost savings over their latest and greatest.

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Evening sky, November 11, 2016

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