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December 10, 2018

One of the joys of getting a bit older is having the time to putter around in the garden. Below is my garden blog. This site also contains sections of recipes and features about specific, and often obscure, gardening lore.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

2019 Burpee catalog coverAmazon - The Newsroom, Season 1There hasn't been much to write about here so far this month. Garden seed catalogs are mostly arriving a bit later than in years past. I have, however, downloaded PDF versions of some of the now tardy catalogs. (See our listing of Recommended Seed Suppliers page for links to catalog request and downloads.)

Our print copy of the 2019 Burpee seed catalog arrived in the mail this week. It's as attractive as always, filled with lots of photos of luscious looking vegetables and other offerings. But after looking at it for a few minutes, I noticed something that made me set it aside for a few days. In the intervening days, as I binge watched all three seasons of The Newsroom, I'd occasionally go back and look at items I might order, comparing prices from this year to last season's catalog.

At first, I was disappointed at the serious price increases for seed from Burpee this year. I noticed packets of several bush bean varieties being reduced in size from three ounces of seed to two while the price edged up. But as I continued looking, I found Burpee's price movement was both up and down, as some things were cheaper this year than last. I wonder at times if such price decreases indicate older seed that still tests good being sold.

I'll probably place an order with Burpee this year, as they still carry the open pollinated Red Creoleicon onion variety. It doesn't appear in Burpee's print catalog, but is shown as available online. I found this to be true for some othericon old favorite varieties.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018 - Cleaning Pots and Trays

Trays soaking in bleach solution
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Trays drying on lawn
Pots finishing drying in kitchen
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We ended November and begin this month with a few relatively warm days. That's fortunate for me, as I hadn't gotten our used planting trays, pots, and hanging baskets cleaned. Being very thankful for a few warm days, I started that cleanup yesterday.

I first soaked eight of our heavy (and expensive) Perma-Nest trays and about fifty plastic pots in a bleach solution in our garden cart. All got a thorough rinse with the garden hose before being laid out to dry. The trays and pots eventually had to come inside to finish drying.

Next into the bleach bath were our less expensive, but still reusable standard 1020 slotted and solid plant trays. They soaked overnight. Our hanging basket pots will go last into the bath.

When done, I plan to dump the used bleach water on a weedy section of our gravel driveway.

Our one remaining outdoor garden chore is cleaning up our asparagus patches. I'll cut the stalks and either compost or dump them in a hole somewhere that needs filling.

Indoors, I'll continue looking through seed catalogs as they arrive. Several of our favorites are already a little late in coming in. We'll put together and place seed orders by mid-month.

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