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Senior Gardening Recipes

When you garden, you eventually have a recipe or two you think might be worth sharing.

Note that I'm an education, garden, and computer writer, so the format for the "recipes" is more that of a feature story or blog than a true recipe. If you're persistent (and can scroll), you'll usually find a more standard recipe somewhere in each story/recipe.

Grandma's Yeast Rolls - This is a family recipe handed down to me from my mother. I think she got it from her mother.

Cinnamon Rolls - This recipe is really part 2 of Grandma's Yeast Rolls. It takes up when the dough has risen the first time and shows how to make some delicious cinnamon rolls.

Portuguese Kale Soup - An incredible soup from a Jim Crockett recipe.

Asiago Cheese & Tortellini Soup - A local grocery deli quit selling this soup, so we had to figure out how to make it ourselves! (This feature also includes an option for making cream of broccoli soup.)

Chicken Salad - A quick, easy, and tasty treat (for a lot less than the local deli charges).

Texas Nachos - We recreated the old Chi-Chi's recipe for Texas Nachos, but you're on your own for the lime margaritias on the rocks.

Shrimp Portofino - Another copycat recipe based on the old Romano's Macaroni Grill menu item before they got all healthy and took all the good stuff out of it. Our recipe still qualifies as delicious and as a potential heart-attack-in-a-bowl.

Refried Kidney Beans - An easy, basic recipe for refried beans using kidney beans instead of pinto beans

Sweet Pickle Relish - With lots of cucumbers and peppers on hand, I was able to make a great pickle relish with the help of some online recipes.

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