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Our Best Garden Photos of 2019
November 4, 2019

I love gardening, and I also enjoy taking pictures. Publishing Senior Gardening allows me to combine both avocations. Most of the photos below have appeared somewhere on Senior Gardening during the last year.

My favorite photo of the year turned out to be a Sun Devil lettuce plant blooming. While pretty, lettuce blooming is usually a sign that the lettuce is overripe and unfit to eat. I've been trying to save seed from the Sun Devil variety for several years and finally found success this season.

Sun Devil lettuce blooming

Clicking on an image will open a larger version of it in a new tab or window. Hovering your mouse over any image should display a description of the image.

All photos on this page are copyrighted, but may be used for desktop photos without permission or payment. All other use requires prior consent, massive royalty payments, your left pinkie finger...grin (Actually, I'm a pretty soft touch on non-commercial use of my photos, especially for educators. Just , please.)

Spinach First pea blossoms First Lettuce (Nancy)
I love fresh, homegrown peas A huge head of Castle Dome broccoli Lettuce - Skyphos
Lovely gloxinia in bloom Garlic ready for storage Butterfly on geranium
First batch of canned tomatoes of the season Lovely zinnia bloom Canned green beans
Storage onions on drying table Green beans ready to pick Fall Lettuce
Sugar Snap pea blossoms Slick Pik yellow squash Blacktail Mountain watermelon
Small garter snake in lettuce blooms Pumpkins Flowers in our raised beds
Grape tomatoes Pumpkins for the food bank Bumblebee on broccoli bloom
Gloxinia bloom and three seed heads Hundreds of dustlike saved gloxinia seeds Gloxinia seed packets

From our recipes section:

Texas Nachos Chicken Salad Portuguese Kale Soup
Texas Nachos Chicken Salad Portuguese Kale Soup

I do turn the camera for vertical shots sometimes.

Spring onions, carrots, celery, and lettuce Same bled as at left, carrots ready to dig with succession crops on far end Same bed with geraniums, yellow squash, fall carrots, and onions
Kidney beans, sweet corn, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers, and buckwheat Honey Bunch grape tomatoes A Japanese Long Pickling cucumber
Fall lettuce before first frost Fall Lettuce Fall lettuce after first frosts

And a few larger shots...

Spring carrots

Butterfly on zinnias

Kidney beans drying

Goliath broccoli head blooming, going to seed

An October Blacktail Mountain watermelon

A July Thunderstorm Rolls In

Photo Gear

I haven't changed any of our photo gear recently, so I'll just provide a link to that information for those who might be interested in what I use.

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